Case Studies

Supply Chain Solutions

LTL Shipping: We understand that making informed decisions about your freight that can be difficult without the right people, the right software, and a few more hours in the day. Our customer was faced with increased transportation costs, high claim volume, and decreased service levels. Click here to read full case study.

4PL Model: Our customers business was growing rapidly. They were challenged with multiple systems, internal staffing costs, and lack of shipment visibility. AmeriLux Logistics listened to their needs and provided a multifaceted, fully managed transportation solution. Coming soon… This case study is not available yet.

Trailer Lease/Rental: An AmeriLux Logistics customer needed a short-term space solution where they could pull their product from ‘as a needed basis’ but they did not want to pay for long-term warehousing space and the costs associated with it. Coming soon… This case study is not available yet.

AmeriLux Logistics

Transportation Solutions

Private Fleet Conversion: As a building materials distributor ourselves, we understand that each shipment to a customer should be treated as the most important shipment. Our customer was faced with a number of challenges that were taking away from their core focus. Click here to read full case study.

Value Adding Spotting Services: A large communications customer of AmeriLux Transporation was looking for a cost-effective solution to their part-time spotter coverage needs. Having an on-site spotter coverage for a full shift is extremely important to this customer’s day-to-day operations. Click here to read full case study.

AmeriLux Transportation